SEN Projects

Most schools have children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND).  The creation of Special Education and Disabilities (SEND) arose in 1971 and since then children with SEND have been included with their peers rather than excluded. However, children may be at different stages to their peers or unable to participate in a task due to their needs.

As technology has advanced, so has support for children with SEND. With the use of ICT in schools, there are many ways for children with SEND to participate with their peers or complete the same tasks as them.

There is a range of software available which gives children skills that they can use in their everyday lives. It can also help children to understand subjects better with the use of interactive software. The software can also help teachers and support staff to see which level the child is currently at; such as dyslexia tests and hearing tests.

ICT is not just limited to software, there’s specialised ICT equipment such as brightly coloured keyboards to the use of interactive whiteboards to support children. Specialist equipment can help children with SEND, but can also enhance the learning of other children in the class, due to the lesson suiting their learning style.

We can source out the specialised equipment, both hardware and software to allow you to give each child the best chance to learn and gain life skills.