E-Safety is very important, due to the internet being part of our daily lives. It is now easier to access than before: in schools, businesses, libraries and at home. It has become a very useful tool for finding most things. However the internet can also have risks. Children and young people are more exposed to the risks of inappropriate or criminal behaviour if they are unaware of these dangers.

Dangers can include:
• Viewing unsuitable content e.g. hate material, adult content, sites that endorse unhealthy behaviour
• Giving out personal information
• Arranging to meet an online ‘friend’
• Becoming involved in, or a victim of bullying
• Being part of or affected by identity theft or making and sending indecent or illegal images
• Spending too much time online which can affect education, concentration, health and sleep
• Copying information from the internet and using other’s work as their own

Within the school, everyone has a role to play in empowering children to stay safe whilst using the internet, just as it is everyone’s responsibility to keep children safe in the non-digital world. Noel-Baker IT Services ensure children are kept safe. We have ICT policies in place across sites to allow children and young people to follow the rules. We have specialised programs in place to block websites and filtering processes to stop children searching inappropriate things.

We offer a wide range of monitoring software which includes firewalls, anti-virus, web-filtering and email filtering.