About Us

Noel-Baker IT Services is an entity of Noel-Baker School in Derby. We offer ICT Support Services to Education, Charity and Business establishments across the East and West Midlands. Noel-Baker IT Services (NBITS) is a growing organisation which specialises in all areas of Information Technology. The business has special expertise in schools, as it originated as the onsite IT Technicians team within Noel-Baker School, giving full time support to the staff and students. The team have twenty years combined experience in ICT support.

The school recently had a complete new build of the site, and the NBITS team were fully responsible for the implementation of the new school IT solution. This was taken on during the summer holidays of 2012 under the supervision and guidance of Lee Jepson (Director of ICT Services).

NBITS first set up business over five years ago, with four members on the team. The team still offered full time support to Noel-Baker School, but also began branching out to other local schools and companies; this started by taking on-board a Primary School and construction company. Since then, the organisation has expanded dramatically and has now taken on over twenty schools, companies and charities.


Our Team


Director of ICT Services



ICT Support Technician



ICT Support Technician



ICT Support Technician

Will has been in IT and working with Noel-Baker IT Services for three years. He joined the company during College, allowing him to use his recently learnt skills in practice on a regular basis and in a working environment. He specialises in PHP and SQL. He has a great knowledge of Windows 7 and general networking. He chose to work within the company for the great people and the large variety of work.

Out of work, Will likes to participate in skiing and enjoys going bike riding. However Will is never far from his computer and takes interest in NoSQL (Not only Structured Query Language) in his spare time.


ICT Support Technician

Chris has been with the company for about one year and finds no two days the same, which he loves. He has always had an interest in computers ever since the days of the Commodore 64. He has numerous years of professional and personal experience, from helping family and friends with their IT crises, to teaching SEN children. Chris has a variety of skills, but his stronger point would be hardware.

Out of hours, Chris enjoys going on the ice to skate leisurely and going back to his hometown in Widnes to see family.


ICT Support Technician

Joe’s been part of Noel-Baker IT for eighteen months, but has been in the IT industry for five years now, starting with basic web management. He spent two years in internet based marketing and affiliate network management before moving to Noel-Baker IT.

He specialises in web based working and has a particular interest in working with web languages. He is also teaching himself the Python programming language and is testing the limits of the Raspberry Pi architecture as it is becoming part of the ICT curriculum. IT began as a hobby and it has transferred into being used in his everyday job, which Joe finds great.

Outside of IT, Joe can be found glued to the website ‘Kickstarter’, which allows you to support and fund new projects. Joe enjoys airsofting and building radio controlled aircrafts. He also enjoys gaming with his fellow co-workers after a hard days' work.


ICT Support Technician

Jevan has been working in the company for about two and a half years; he began as an apprentice and has worked his way to his permanent full time position of ICT Support Technician. He specialises in Windows deployment and imaging, with experience in maintaining both Windows 7 and XP environments.

He chose to work in IT because he was always fascinated with how computers actually work, and the fact that he can constantly learn new things is just a bonus!


Office Administrator

Georgia has worked with Noel-Baker IT Services for just over six months now, and loves working with the team! She works on the administrator side of things for the company, and although she doesn’t personally have a background in IT, she’s learnt new things over her short time here. You can find her fixing laptop keys and parts or helping out students with small problems.

Outside of work you could say that Georgia’s a typical female, constantly online shopping and watching the reality shows on TV... and of course grabbing her co-worker and brother, Jevan, for help when her laptop crashes!


ICT Support Technician

Sophie has been working the summer holidays for Noel-Baker over the last four years: building machines, installing new software and helping with the setup of the new building at Noel-Baker. It is only since September last year, she has become a permanent member of the team. She has grown up with IT, as she has two older brothers in the industry. Sophie dabbles in a bit of everything, learning something new every day, but particularly loves doing patching work.

Outside of work, Sophie loves spending time with her family, particularly with her nieces and nephew. After work, she enjoys gaming with the lads from work and online shopping.



The youngest member of our team, Baby, has been working with us for over half a year now. His job mainly entails overseeing the projects which take place, at Noel-Baker. Baby keeps a watchful eye over the technicians, ensuring work is carried out to the best of their abilities. In addition to his technical capabilities, Baby also keeps the team well-entertained.